Kennel Keeper 1.2

Kennel Keeper 1.2: Breeder & Dog Website Design, Build and Management Kennel Keeper is a complete solution for creating your own professional, personalized kennel website, easily and affordably. It is for anyone who wants to create their own dog website, and to be able to update that website at any time. Kennel Keeper lets you take control of your dog website. Whether you already have a dog website, or you want to build your first website, Kennel Keeper is the solution that lets you make your dog website your own.

iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.1: Kennel Reservation Software.
iMagic Kennel Reservation 2.1

The ideal alternative to manually tracking customers and pets! No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper or lose customer details. iMagic Kennel Reservation is a kennel reservation software system designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business. At last reservation software for kennel business owners at an affordable price that`s easy to use.

booking, cats, reservation, kennel, dogs, cattery

Kennel Manager Pro 8.0.1: Pet boarding, grooming, training and billing system.
Kennel Manager Pro 8.0.1

Kennel Manager software will help you present a professional appearance to your customers. Kennel Manager is designed to relieve everyday management pains faced by boarding businesses, etc. We believe that you should focus on growing your business, rather than spending a great deal of energy sorting through paperwork and having to learn complicated software. We have listened closely to boarding kennel owners and operators and created a product to

dog boarding, small business software, boarding kennel, pet boarding, cattery, dog kennel

The Breeder`s Standard® 2008: Kennel Record Keeping and Pedigrees Since 1991, over 50,700 users.
The Breeder`s Standard® 2008

The Breeder`s Standard® 2008, the Ultimate Software for Dog Breeders. Our product first arrived on the scene in 1991. We are the first kennel product ever designed to run natively in Microsoft Windows. This is our eighth major version, and with each new release we get just that much better than the others. Our program is professionally written and maintained, using the latest and most stable technologies.

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Tips and Traps v1.00: 3D greyhound racing! Buy, train, bet and race your dogs to success!
Tips and Traps v1.00

Welcome to the thrilling world of greyhound racing! With $10,000 and a kennel of potential champions, you have 10 years to become the most successful owner ever! Buy and train the best greyhounds in the world! In the end you are judged against the rival owners in 3 categories: - the most money in the bank - the most wins - the most prize money. Be top dog in all three to become the greatest owner ever! You`ll be barking mad to miss out!

gambling, games, track, racing, greyhounds, strategy, kennel, simulation, dog racing, betting, management, dogs

Puppy and Dog Toolbar 1: The Puppy and Dogs Toolbars assists you in finding your perfect dog from the web
Puppy and Dog Toolbar 1

Buy and Sell Puppies and Dogs from Breeders and Kennels. Dog Breeds range from Boxer, Chihuahua, Maltese to Yorkie. Potential owners should only buy from ethical dog breeders that are in their local area or consider adoption from a local animal shelter or animal rescue center. The Puppy and Dogs Toolbars assists you in finding your perfect dog from the website

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How To Potty Train A Puppy - Puzzle 1.0: how to potty train a puppy everything that every pet
How To Potty Train A Puppy - Puzzle 1.0

how to potty train a puppy what most people don`t know. If you are a pet owner then you owe it to yourself to find out one of the best and easiest ways to train your new puppy.

potty train a puppy, how to potty train a puppy

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